Attendance to games and practices will be required. Your coach will ask that you participate with him/her 3 times a week. This could be 3 games or 3 practices or any combination of the 2 depending on game schedules. We realize things come up but with technology at our fingertips coaches should know as soon as you know if your child is not going to make a practice or game.  

Some basics you should expect your child to get out of playing Majors are:

1.       Pitching & Catching fundamentals

2.       Position specific fundamentals

3.       Communicating with your team during the game

4.       TEAMWORK & SPORTSMANSHIP on and off the field

Playing the game:

1.       Have team meet at the ball park 30 minutes prior to game time for warm-ups.

2.       Have your lineups ready 10 minutes prior to game time.

3.       Umpire is scheduled by the home team, and the home team will supply a new game ball.

4.       Be aware of the time... if you are the first of two games, do not start another inning if it will likely not finish before the second game is                 supposed to start.

5.       Three outs in an inning ends the inning.

8.       Line kids up after the game to slap hands say good game.

9.       Have two volunteers (NOT COACHES) rake the infield.

During the game please be supportive to the coach, players, and volunteers. Please ask the coach if they need help with anything.

**These rules are consistent with what other leagues are currently doing as well. The coaches and umpires will review the rules prior to the game. If you have questions or concerns regarding how a game is being played please speak with your coach. We are representing West Branch Little League and would appreciate if you and your child conduct yourself using manners and sportsmanship. Everyone who participates with Little League does on a volunteer basis!

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